The more time a customer spends  with you, the less time they will spend with your competitors!

We had fantastic feedback
from students and staff,
it was a great performance.

Barry Harcourt
Manager, Brunel University




With the annual trade show often being a key
time to launch a new product or promote your company brand, I can provide that extra something to give you the edge over your competitors.

Exhibiting at a trade show is very expensive therefore to gain the maximum return on your investment you need to generate sales. What better way to draw a crowd of potential customers than with a fantastic magician who
can entertain them and educate them in your product or brand.

I know first-hand what you are trying to achieve as I have organised and manned many stands at trade shows in my 12 years as a salesman. 

By linking my magical skills to your company,
I will:

  • generate interest and build a crowd
  • promote your corporate image
  • inform and entertain
  • highlight key USPs, products and services
  • secure new prospects
  • demonstrate effects that feature your company logo or message